Tuesday, 23 March 2010


SPRINGTIME: Easter's coming so I thought I'd share some of my eggs with you before I take off for my hols!
They look like they are about ready to hatch...


Friday, 12 March 2010

Doodle Door

Thought I'd put my doodle arch up, although I'm not so sure it's actually finished. An image might do the trick so I'll probably pick it up again another time when I'm feeling more inspired.
The door's made of thick MDF and I've used acrylic paint and pens to draw the doodles. Love doodling!

Monday, 8 March 2010

My rather shady background

Oh dear, this is another background I've been working on but my scanner really doesn't do it justice. Never mind, I'm sure Chriss will have a piece!!!
I've used lots of different fabrics layered over each other and daubed in various fabric and acrylc paints and embossing powders. I've ironed the whole piece under a lovely white linen tea towel which has turned out to be a rather colourful piece of art in itself!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Tea Tuesday - Urban Art

Hi all, it's lovely to be invited to join you for your regular Tuesday cuppa. Chriss thoughtfully gave me the nudge but I can't get hold of Kimmie to ask her to add me to her ever-growing list of fans.

I've been looking over your blogs and feel somewhat ashamed at my poor attempt, but will try harder next week I promise!

Well Christen, thanks to you I got truly creative (not!!!). My urban art is this lot.  But, IMAGINE it is a cityscape if you will (?!).

While I was in the kitchen dithering over coffee or tea just now, I rummaged through the cupboard and pulled out some packs of tea and coffee, conveniently placed a couple of passing trams from Hong Kong's MTR, added some Gin Houses courtesy of KLM and a couple of urban-style cats then piled them up like an urban landscape.

It works! Or is it just my warped imagination?

Happy Tuesday and cheers to the next!

Debs x

Background paper swapsy?

I've finished it.. YIPPEE! 

This large piece of background paper/fabric has been on the go for some time cos I just couldn't decide what it was going to be! Over the months I've picked it up and lovingly crafted it using organza, lace, woolly bits, stringy bits, Crafty Individuals'  Time images and then put it down.

Some weeks later I daubed it with Stewart Gill paints and embossing powders here and there.  Today I heated it into a nice crisp state with yummy burnt out patches, stamped it and last of all ironed it. I'm kind of happy with the result.

It looks 2D but it's actually as flat as a pancake and I think it would make interesting ATC backgrounds. I'd like to swap two pieces for two ATCs if anyone thinks they're worthy? The first two to say "I" will get one each!