Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mixed Media panel to be used as a journal cover


Has anyone else been as neglectful as I? My blog has been left to wither away, while bright, new, friendlier looking blogs before and beyond this one have blossomed and grown with the ever-changing technology! Shouting awesomeness and "Hey look at me!", while mine just fell by the wayside.

So, do I give it up? Delete it? Start afresh perhaps?

Heck no!  I'm gonna revive, revitalise and rev it into 6th gear! Chameliarts will move with the times and I'm gonna make sure I come on here every day(?) just to prove to myself I can!

Has anyone else out there felt this way? If you have, let me know how you got back on top of it will you?  Meanwhile, I'm going to post a few pieces I've created over more recent months.