Saturday, 27 February 2010

Summertime sorbets

Baubles, bangles and beads

When I'm not gluing and sticking I'm usually found hiding in a room surrounded by gorgeous beads, jewellery making equipment and three pairs of specs (hate tri-focals!).

I'll post a few of my recent designs here, some of which have sold. I'll also include some artsian designed beads just in case any magpies come across my blog!

Debs x

Friday, 26 February 2010

Almost came a cropper!

I doubt this little PIGeon will be making off-spring for some time! He sat on the garden shed pondering his chances of getting his beak in for a good gobble and oooops, well the pic says it all!


Well I've never had such fun as when playing over at Chrissy's (Rollins) last week. Chriss (Rowe) was there too and of course, when the three of us get together we're in 100% artyfarty mode (none more so than our Chriss, eh Chriss?!) 

In no time at all the table was covered in all manner of crafty stuff!

Being late I had missed out on the yummy Magnum ice creams - those special ones in their own silver boxes (drool) - and in the minute or two I was berating them for not saving me one Chriss came up with this cute little paper button fairy (she used a gorgeous hand stamp I bought at Paddy's Place in Prestwich, Manchester).  Chriss used her well licked ice cream stick as wings. I know where I could have stuck it Chriss!

The banter was flying all through the day and night and before we knew it it was 4 in the morning!

Can't wait for the next one girls!


Amusing Muses: Have a HeART For Haiti, A Blog Event

Amusing Muses: Have a HeART For Haiti, A Blog Event

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The story of Cheryl the Snail

This ATC has evolved somewhat, with Cheryl taking centre stage. Cheryl my friend - not the snail - doesn't even try to understand the concept of ATCs and becomes pretty animated when occasionally we ask her to join in with one of our crafty nights. Here, she'd painted a fabulous background using acrylics on watercolour paper, she added all sorts of little flowers, hearts and this funky little snail. She later binned it as she spat out a couple of expletives, so I furtively rescued it, embellished her design by adding Zettified petals and hearts and enamelled blobs here and there. Hence, Cheryl the Snail will live on happily ever after...

Catching up with paperwork

This is a work in progress: some handmade paper with more than a touch of texture - I just adore texture! 
Once again, I'm using my favourite Stewart Gill Byzantia paints - they work on absolutely any medium you care to cover, not just fabrics, and they heat up a  treat with no loss of colour, so I'm sorry if I keep going on about them!
I've used a top grade watercolour paper painted up, covered in lace, webbing, ribbon, organza, embossing enamel and various embossing powders. I've yet to add another layer before ironing flat, spraying with water and drying out for use as ATC backgrounds. I aim to give away two ATC sized pieces when it's completed so watch this space...
Debs x

Wanna play dress up?

Oh what fun was to be had making this creation.  My crafty friends Chriss and Chrissy bullied me (oh yes you did!) into joining this monthly challenge by Margaret and I'm soooo glad they did. I've got the bug now so I reckon I'll be one of her regulars - many thanks Margaret! 
I used oodles of Stewart Gill's Byzantia paints on my template, then added ruffled organza fabric, feathers and more Stewart Gill - Cerisanctum and Constantine, then painted the delicate rose buds a lighter shade and stuck them on too. The bodice is made up of SG Cerisanctum and embossed in a mix of gold and copper shaken up with Melt Art's Ultra Thick Embossing enamel, and finished off with Swarovski crystals and pearls. 
This OTT little number reminds me of the gown I wore for my evening wedding reception - sans feathers you understand?!

E for Elegant

I used my own papers for this 'ABCDE' challenge. I had five gorgeous images so I kept it simple and titled each one Alluring, Beauty, Chic, Demure and Elegant. Obviously I kept the one that was least like me, lol.

Keys challenge

This ATC was one of those "let's play around with this and get some altered art going". I love texture so I stuck some netting down, layered embossing powders here and there and gave the edges a burned, frazzled look. I believe the two papers used were from one of my fave suppliers - Crafty Individuals.

My last rolo

This was a "Friends" challenge I took part in. I guess the sweeties say it all don't they? I'm all for sharing my arty crafty bits and pieces with like-minded friends, but unlike these cute bunnies, no-one gets my last rolo!!!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

I'm still trying to get this!

OK, so I've been consciously avoiding building my blog! Why? When I look at all those gorgeous artsy blogs out there I think "how do they do that?" Anyway, I've been advised to just let it flow so here goes. I'll start by putting up some of my own ATCs and if you think they're worthy perhaps you'd be kind enough to stay awhile and share your thoughts :)

The lady in pink is part of a set of five ATCs - a Zetti challenge I participated in on my friend Chrissy's blog. After Zettifying the background (a cake cut out from a mag) I altered the image and topped her off with a hat made of the same cake and again, Zettified it! I've named her Nazila after a friend who has the same beautiful eyes and mouth!

I sooo enjoyed embellishing this glam lady with brass and gold findings and Swarovski crystals left over from my days of making Faberge style eggs. The background is a stamped image and the skirt of her dress is made of bubblewrap sprinkled with a mix of gold and copper embossing powders then heated to bubbling point!!!