Sunday, 5 December 2010

Better late...

'Flourish' frame. I loved making this little number using
Crafty Individuals' stamps, Paris Nights papers and oodles
of embossing using a scrummy blend of gold and copper.

It's 3am on Monday, it's soooo peaceful and yet my mind is a whirr. So, better than late than never, I thought I'd post a little on my much-neglected blog before the year suddenly comes to an end!

'Cherish' is a simple wood panel covered in Crafty Individuals'
images, vintage lace and gorgeous stamps. I've added depth
using Tim Holtz distress inks and lashings of embossing to
add even more texture. It sure feels good!!!

Oooh, this is my fave I have to say! I enjoyed every moment
creating it. The romantic Crafty Individuals image so
deserves its place in this Boudoir-style frame. 

OK, this is a peek at a couple of pages from an art journal I decided to
start a few weeks ago. Having completed seven pages I'm now
stuck because I chose THE WRONG PAPER for just one page! One
page is all it took to completely lose my inspiration. It's gone. So....

... this is the front cover, not yet complete, but when I get the
calling to finish this book I'll put the lot up. Watch
this space (this time next year I guess!!!)

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  1. Debs I just love your style (you know the one you don't think you Your art is so unique and really need to share more here on your blog missus!!
    Anyway I am loving the eyecandy is all beautiful...really beautiful :D
    Chris xx