Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Punkin around

Woohoo, found some blogging time :)  It's been months since I popped in so I might just go into overdrive and post everything I've done since my last visit. But then again, might not. Depends on the distraction.
Decided to go all punky with Fimo earlier in the week. My play room is usually the garage, but with hubby away I sneaked all my lovely toys inside and got dirty on the kitchen table.

These are my fave stash items, lovely shiney clockwork bits n pieces. Great for steampunk creations and oh so delish on mixed media projects.

Mica powders, various gauges of wire...

and pliers for cutting, prodding and wrapping...

And using Fimo, this is what I did with them...

The making of Nellipunk...  This steampunk elephant can be worn on a hat, in a pocket, or on a bag, or she can just sit there looking terrifically strange. Wha'eva!

This is the most bejewelled and bedazzling flying punk my fingers ever laid eyes on. I used old jewellery pieces, watch parts and a couple of old nails as embellishments, but not before stamping her wings with a gawjus vintage-style stamp.

Meet Chamelepunk
I know... he's UGLY as! But so enjoyable to make.

Of course I couldn't have done any of these things without the magicalness of Christi Friesen, author of Steampunkery. Thanks for the inspiration Christi xxx


  1. Great steampunk...loved the dicersity!

    Greetings, Alie

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    PS: Thanks by space ;)