Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Catching up with paperwork

This is a work in progress: some handmade paper with more than a touch of texture - I just adore texture! 
Once again, I'm using my favourite Stewart Gill Byzantia paints - they work on absolutely any medium you care to cover, not just fabrics, and they heat up a  treat with no loss of colour, so I'm sorry if I keep going on about them!
I've used a top grade watercolour paper painted up, covered in lace, webbing, ribbon, organza, embossing enamel and various embossing powders. I've yet to add another layer before ironing flat, spraying with water and drying out for use as ATC backgrounds. I aim to give away two ATC sized pieces when it's completed so watch this space...
Debs x


  1. I have seen this piece IRL and it is AMAZING your scanner doesnt do it justice maybe a photo shoot yes defo a photo shoot need here... showing a few shots as it really is gawjus.

    You are brilliant at doing textured backgrounds I watch them change into works of ART as you paistakingly, loveingly create them.

    have a great day Miss ShariARTi.

    Chriss x

  2. ooops fingers hitting wrong keys x

  3. This piece is amazing, love the texture and the colors.

  4. Aww thanks ladies, you're too kind!