Friday, 26 February 2010


Well I've never had such fun as when playing over at Chrissy's (Rollins) last week. Chriss (Rowe) was there too and of course, when the three of us get together we're in 100% artyfarty mode (none more so than our Chriss, eh Chriss?!) 

In no time at all the table was covered in all manner of crafty stuff!

Being late I had missed out on the yummy Magnum ice creams - those special ones in their own silver boxes (drool) - and in the minute or two I was berating them for not saving me one Chriss came up with this cute little paper button fairy (she used a gorgeous hand stamp I bought at Paddy's Place in Prestwich, Manchester).  Chriss used her well licked ice cream stick as wings. I know where I could have stuck it Chriss!

The banter was flying all through the day and night and before we knew it it was 4 in the morning!

Can't wait for the next one girls!


1 comment:

  1. So glad that you cropped this photo as my puppies were on

    I really was a great crafting when are you coming over next?
    Oh and it was our Chris that was in ful artyfary mode...I have 2 s's Chris has confusing are we.

    Anyway thanks for a great 18 hours.

    chriss x