Sunday, 7 February 2010

I'm still trying to get this!

OK, so I've been consciously avoiding building my blog! Why? When I look at all those gorgeous artsy blogs out there I think "how do they do that?" Anyway, I've been advised to just let it flow so here goes. I'll start by putting up some of my own ATCs and if you think they're worthy perhaps you'd be kind enough to stay awhile and share your thoughts :)

The lady in pink is part of a set of five ATCs - a Zetti challenge I participated in on my friend Chrissy's blog. After Zettifying the background (a cake cut out from a mag) I altered the image and topped her off with a hat made of the same cake and again, Zettified it! I've named her Nazila after a friend who has the same beautiful eyes and mouth!

I sooo enjoyed embellishing this glam lady with brass and gold findings and Swarovski crystals left over from my days of making Faberge style eggs. The background is a stamped image and the skirt of her dress is made of bubblewrap sprinkled with a mix of gold and copper embossing powders then heated to bubbling point!!!


  1. Worthy!!!! they are wonderul you have brilliant flair for ATC's I love getting them each month for the club swaps as you add fab amount of texture into them... always want to stroke them lol....and soak it all up.
    I have seen both of these IRL and the texture on the bottom one is amazing... a bubble wrap dress.. you got me thinking...going off to play.

    Thanks for sharing

    Chriss x

    see you tomorrow x

  2. Fab fab fab Debbie!!! Now all you have to do is show us some more of the gorgeous stuff you have been creating :D
    It's ace seeing you in bloggy land...long may it continue missus.
    Chris xx

  3. Auntie Debbie...These new creations of your are just beautiful...I can't think of any words at all to describe how totally gorgeous they are! :) xxxxxx

  4. Ahhh, thank you my fave girls in the whole wide world!
    Mwa xxx

  5. **I am writing this ON BEHALF of NAZILA**
    WOW Deb! WELL DONE! Really impressive work. Can't believe that you named one of your pieces after me, how flattering!!
    Keep up the great work.........!